About Joumana's

At Joumana's Mediterranean Cuisine, we serve our patrons the finest, the most authentic and traditional in Mediterranean dishes, such as Chicken Shwarma, Tabouleh, Humus and by all types of gyros, kabobs, beef and lamb. We want your visit at Joumana's as something that you cherish forever. Our cuisine represents a touch of the Mediterranean in the US and we strive hard to wow our patrons by showing how just how awesome our food is. Located, in greater Palm Bay area in Florida, we are a family owned and run business, where every dish is handmade from a scratch and has an authentic Mediterranean flavor to it. Since we set up shop, we have only relied on our customers to pass the good word and they do the talking for us and have helped us grow.

Over the years, we have served thousands of patrons, many of whom have become regulars that keep coming back to sample our delicious treats and freshly prepared meals and generally enjoy the calm, serene and homely environment within our restaurant. As you step in our door, you will be greeted not only by our friendly staff, but also an appetizing aroma of our freshly cooked dishes. We offer a number of different foods, snacks and meals that are priced affordably so you can enjoy what we have and not worry about your pocketbook.

We believe in customer service first and foremost whether you come into our establishment or order over phone. Our services are geared toward serving you the best Mediterranean dishes and a service you will love. Over the years we have built our reputation on our fine service and excellent food. However, we understand that our reputation is only as good as the last customer we serve. Let us show you why more people are choosing Joumana's when they are in a mood for a, scrumptious and hearty Mediterranean dish. So come on over and let us host your experience to get a real taste of the Mediterranean.